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U.S. Workers Sending Money to India Encourage Foreign Growth

Family Sending Money to India Help to Bolster Indian GDP

As India continues to top the charts for money remittance, their economy is experiencing a healthy recovery. Money transfer to India has been a stabilizing force for their economy in a number of ways. In 2014 alone, $70 million American dollars were sent to India. Not only was this money a welcome contribution to households depending on money sent to them due to lost wages, this cash infusion has positively affected the Indian economy on a macro level.

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Sending Money to Vietnam is Leading to Pop-Culture Consumption Overseas

Money Remittance to Vietnam Fuels Spread of American Pop-Culture

Vietnamese expatriates and their children, especially those living in North America, are having a profound effect on life in Vietnam, according to recent surveys. The money transferring to Vietnam from expats to relatives, combined with the substantial expat investment in Vietnamese businesses, adds up to an astonishing 18 percent of Vietnam’s annual economy. Continue reading Sending Money to Vietnam is Leading to Pop-Culture Consumption Overseas

Remittances to Mexico Rise 4.9% in Q1

Possible Reasons for Rise in Money Remittance to Mexico

Remittances sent to Mexico have been rising steadily over the past few years, according to some encouraging new studies. This past quarter in the first part of 2015 saw roughly $5.7 billion in money remittance to Mexico, which is a 4.9% increase from the same fiscal period last year. The rise in remittance, some experts say, indicates good things about the quality of life in Mexico in 2015. That said, although the Inter-American Development Bank argues that these findings suggest that Mexico’s economy is improving, other facts point to an opposite narrative. Continue reading Remittances to Mexico Rise 4.9% in Q1

India Tops Remittance Charts, Again

Money Remittance to India Continues to Soar

Anyone who wants to send money to India today is in for a treat – given the state of the economy as of May 2015, you can enjoy some of the best rates in the remittance industry. India topped the charts for the amount sent in remittances during 2014 with a total of $70.39 billion in transfers. China came in second with $54.14 billion, and the Philippines came in third with a much lower amount of $28.40 billion. Continue reading India Tops Remittance Charts, Again

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