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3 Ways to Help Family and Friends with Financial Aid

Financial Aid Helps Pay for College, Money Remittance Makes Up the Difference

For many it’s the American Dream: beautiful home, white picket fence, well-behaved children, beautiful and caring spouse, safe community, an outstanding education and the ideal job. This picture of perfection is the vision for some hardworking Americans, but there remains a sobering reality that can’t be ignored. Making enough money to purchase a home, a vehicle, and eventually to retire often requires job seekers to possess a college degree.  Continue reading 3 Ways to Help Family and Friends with Financial Aid

Sending Money Home – How does Remittance Work?

Lucky Money Discusses Money Remittance to India, Mexico, Vietnam and Others

Remittance, the process of sending money to someone in a distant country, is most common between an immigrant and their relatives or friends in their home country. According to the International Monetary Fund, money remittance can be segregated into two categories:

1) Workers who have lived abroad for over a year
2) Workers who have lived abroad for less than one year

Continue reading Sending Money Home – How does Remittance Work?

How Money Remittance to Nepal Shapes the Country’s Economy

Earthquake Recovery Will Continue to Rely on Money Transfer

When sending money to Nepal, not only are you helping beloved family members and friends, you are playing a vital force in the improvement of the country’s economy. Two key factors that comprise most of Nepal’s economy have historically been generated from tourism, and money remittance.

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Lucky Money September Newsletter

Money Remittance Newsletter

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