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Best Options for Sending Money to Vietnam

Online Money Remittance to Vietnam is Safe and Affordable

The amount of people who send money to Asia is increasing. Nearly 6 million U.S. households send money overseas each year, and the price to do so is more affordable as a result. But when it comes time to send money to Vietnam, many questions can arise such as: What is the best and most affordable way to get money to my loved-ones? What money remittance companies I can trust? Which companies have the strongest security measures in place to protect me?

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Sending Money to Vietnam is Leading to Pop-Culture Consumption Overseas

Money Remittance to Vietnam Fuels Spread of American Pop-Culture

Vietnamese expatriates and their children, especially those living in North America, are having a profound effect on life in Vietnam, according to recent surveys. The money transferring to Vietnam from expats to relatives, combined with the substantial expat investment in Vietnamese businesses, adds up to an astonishing 18 percent of Vietnam’s annual economy. Continue reading Sending Money to Vietnam is Leading to Pop-Culture Consumption Overseas

Vietnam Money Remittance

Money Transferring Increases In Vietnam

Money transfers can help families and businesses separated by thousands of miles to stay financially connected. Both businesses and individuals can benefit from the remittance process — the primary way to send money to other countries outside the United States. Lucky Money provides money transfers to India and other countries in Asia, such as Vietnam. We recently read a report that revealed that the Vietnam remittance industry is expected to reach $5 billion in 2014. That’s an increase of about $1 billion from last year! Continue reading Vietnam Money Remittance