send money to family with an extra wage

How to Make Extra Wages and Send Money to Family Overseas

Cost of Living Makes Money Remittance Difficult With Just One Job

Many people who relocate to the United States for job opportunities are motivated to send money to family members in their home country. However, immigrants are often shocked to find that better job opportunities equates to higher costs of living. Take for example the average cost of rent in San Francisco, one of the most highly desirable cities in the Bay Area. According to, the average rent within 10 miles of San Francisco is a whopping $3770 dollars a month. This is a hard pill to swallow, since many of the job opportunities are located in or near the city. The Silicon Valley, another hub for job growth and financial opportunities, also has a high rental market. The price for a one bedroom can range from $2,257 – $2,575 a month or more.

Even if you have a good paying job, the high cost living can put a strain on the pocket book, making it hard to afford money remittance. Apart from being frugal, one way to offset the high cost of living is to find smart and easy ways to make extra money. Consider the following smart ways to earn extra cash:

Freelance Your Job Skills

This can be one of the most profitable ways to make money on the side. Freelancers have the ability to make their own schedule, which means you can do work outside of normal work hours. As long as you are able to hit your deadlines, having the freedom to choose when and how you do your work can be a huge plus financially.

Put on Your Serving Hat

If you’ve ever worked in the food and beverage industry bussing tables, serving, or organizing events, it can be a great skill to fall back on. Like riding a bike, you rarely forget how to be a great waiter or waitress. Since people are always getting married, throwing parties, holding holiday events and doing anything in between, finding side gigs shouldn’t be a problem. Just keep your resume up-to-date, put yourself on call at your local country club, and you could easily take home a few extra dollars at special events.

Babysit or Nanny

Overseeing kids is certainly a good skill to have. Free up a friend to have a long needed “date-night” with their spouse or look after school-aged kids on Saturday nights, this skill will always be in high demand. Usually you can start with your immediate circle of friends and acquaintances. If you land a good gig, recommendations from happy clients and word-of-mouth can go a long way for opening up doors to further opportunities.

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