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Why the Middle Class is the Best at Saving Money

Remittance and the Middle Class

You want to make secure financial decisions regarding money remittance, savings, and investments, whether you’re just starting a family or you’re supporting loved ones overseas. Today’s American middle class, as a whole, is doing a surprisingly good job of preparing for the future financially, according to several new surveys.

The wealthy can generally rely on a steady income and/or asset streams to manage all expenses now and into the future. They don’t have to worry or pinch pennies; they often have access to a wider range of resources as well as savvy financial planners; and they can transfer and invest money in diverse ways. Lower wage earners, meanwhile – those below the middle class – often find themselves living paycheck-to-paycheck. They may lack the financial resources or budgetary slack to put cash into retirement accounts or send extra money to family members in another country.

Middle class Americans, on the other hand, have tools to invest and prepare, but they need to be frugal, and they may lack the knowledge and resources that the so-called “one-percenters” enjoy. Middle class earners tend to invest in 401ks, savings accounts, and other instruments, as well as to transfer money to charities or to family members.

According to a survey from, 35% of middle class earners add at least 10% of their incomes into some sort of savings plan. Both the upper and lower class savings rates are far lower. The middle class, in other words, demonstrates a unique discipline and respect for the future.

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