personal finance tips learned from us immigrants

Successful Personal Finance Habits We Can Learn from Immigrants

Personal Finance Lessons to Improve Financial Planning Outcomes

Most American’s don’t save for the future. In fact, our consumer-based society is more prone to spend than to plan ahead. Often times immigrants come to the U.S. for better job opportunities, but they also bring along smart and productive money habits that some US born citizens could learn from. Personal finance is something no one can afford to overlook, whether you’re an immigrant or a natural born citizen. If you are looking for ways to improve your financial profile, take a lesson from immigrants and consider adopting some of their best known financing habits.

Make Money

Sometimes the normal 8 – 5 just isn’t enough. Most immigrants are hit with the reality of high living expenses when they move to the U.S. They may have to work multiple jobs just to make ends meet. Consider following their lead if you need to up your income. This isn’t to suggest that you should work yourself to death or forget about other personal responsibilities. However, being proactive about bringing in side money, whether through freelancing gigs, babysitting, serving, walking dogs or anything else, can help you get ahead. After all, who couldn’t use the extra cash?

Loving Your Job is Great, But It’s a Luxury

Immigrants are usually more interested in providing for their family than they are doing what they love. The idea that you can only work in areas of your passion is a notion many immigrants don’t consider. When it comes to helping their loved ones in other countries, knowing how to make money is the most important thing. Moral of the story? Sometimes taking a job you dislike can pay off if it can help you get financially ahead.


The saying “work hard, play hard” can get your pocketbook in trouble. All your hard earned cash can be wasted in the matter of minutes in an emotional flurry of entertainment. Many immigrants on the other hand, understand that it’s easier to save money than it is to earn it. That’s why they adapt frugality and aren’t afraid to bargain or say no. Always look for ways to save money like immigrants do, whether it’s using coupons, only shopping on the sale rack, going out to eat only when there are special occasions, or negotiating prices whenever possible.

Immigrants Work Together

Many immigrants have strong family ties and values, which is one reason they are encouraged to send money remittance abroad. When they relocate, immigrants will often stick together by sharing living spaces, loaning furniture, clothes, helping with food, or other practical things that are hard to come by when settling in a new country. Getting the extra help when starting off can be a great way to get ahead and control costs.

Ready to Send Money Remittance to Loved Ones in Another Country?

If you’re interested in handling your money better, take a few lessons from immigrants. With self control, discipline, a strong work ethic and a plan, you can set yourself up for financial success just by thinking like an immigrant. When you’ve saved and you’re ready to send money online to family in another country visit our remittance service home page or call us at (888) 826-4427.