Remittance On Rise In Mexico

Sending Money To Mexico Has Positive Outcome

Aside from oil, remittances (money transferred to Mexico from other countries) are the largest contributor to the country’s foreign income. Recent studies showed that an influx of remittances seem to correlate with a drop in homicide rates. Thus, reports indicating remittances are on the rise offer a glimmer of hope for Mexicans faced with brutal violence.

The Effects of Remittances on Living Conditions

Many foreign countries depend on remittances to supplement the national income. With each money remittance to Mexico, the country can better fuel its local economies, reduce violence, and fight its growing organized crime influence. Decreasing the level of poverty in Mexico is an attainable goal, provided remittances remain affordable for foreign workers.

A New Way to Send Money

For workers planning to send money to Mexico, arranging the transaction at a physical location used to be a necessity. Between high fees and a lack of support, making a money transfer to Mexico carried inherent risks. Fortunately, the game has changed. With internet-expedited trade and commerce sites like Lucky Money, remittances can be arranged online for a low fee.

While remittances alone are not a remedy for Mexico’s economic and criminal violence crises, the steady and legal influx of foreign cash into the Mexican economy may at least begin to help alleviate entrenched problems faced by the nation and its people.

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