Sending Money to Vietnam is Leading to Pop-Culture Consumption Overseas

Money Remittance to Vietnam Fuels Spread of American Pop-Culture

Vietnamese expatriates and their children, especially those living in North America, are having a profound effect on life in Vietnam, according to recent surveys. The money transferring to Vietnam from expats to relatives, combined with the substantial expat investment in Vietnamese businesses, adds up to an astonishing 18 percent of Vietnam’s annual economy.

You can see the effects of this massive money transfer to Vietnam simply by walking down the main streets of Saigon, where it is easy to spot an array of American fast-food chains. There is even an Apple computer store in the heart of one of the last Communist cosmopolitan areas outside of China. Investments from the West have elevated U.S. pop culture and food in Vietnam, and some experts believe that these small economic and cultural changes may be sowing the seeds for a more fundamental restructuring of life in South Asia.

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