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Basic Tips To Make Your Retirement Years More Enjoyable

With Careful Planning You Can Afford Sending Money Remittances to Loved Ones AND Retirement

If your “golden years” are fast approaching, you’re probably excited about the prospect of living out your greatest dreams. Maybe it’s time to purchase the beachside vacation home with 20-foot ceilings, or splurge on the sports car you’ve always fantasized over. Maybe you want to spend time traveling the nations, or simply want to learn how to garden. No matter what your dream is, finances have and always will play a role in your ability to fulfill it. For those fast approaching retirees who have loved ones overseas, the habit of sending money abroad to family might stifle the plans they have for a luxurious retirement. Continue reading Basic Tips To Make Your Retirement Years More Enjoyable

Tips for Saving More of Your Money

Saving Money Lets you Send Money Remittance to Family in Need

The advantages of saving money are manifold. Whether it’s being prepared for an unexpected emergency, having the funds to repair a car, enjoying the freedom to go on a vacation, or sending money online to loved ones more frequently, everyone can benefit from the security of a financial emergency fund or “nest egg.” So how do we get into the habit of saving, especially when we feel like it’s nearly impossible to do? Continue reading Tips for Saving More of Your Money

What’s the Best Way to Send Money Overseas? Cost and Convenience Comparison.

Sending Money Abroad Through Your Bank vs. Money Remittance Service Provider

With today’s technological advancements and capabilities, sending money abroad is easier than ever. Individuals who send money abroad to family or friends are often faced with many decisions before remittance can take place, and this may cause confusion. Different factors like transfer fees, reliability, transfer time and cost are important elements to consider if you want a loved one to safely and expeditiously receive money. The question often arises of whether or not it’s safer to use a bank or money remittance center to send money abroad. While the final answer does depend on the individual case, consider the following problems with banks the next time you are involved in money remittance. Continue reading What’s the Best Way to Send Money Overseas? Cost and Convenience Comparison.

3 Ways to Help Family and Friends with Financial Aid

Financial Aid Helps Pay for College, Money Remittance Makes Up the Difference

For many it’s the American Dream: beautiful home, white picket fence, well-behaved children, beautiful and caring spouse, safe community, an outstanding education and the ideal job. This picture of perfection is the vision for some hardworking Americans, but there remains a sobering reality that can’t be ignored. Making enough money to purchase a home, a vehicle, and eventually to retire often requires job seekers to possess a college degree.  Continue reading 3 Ways to Help Family and Friends with Financial Aid

Best Options for Sending Money to Vietnam

Online Money Remittance to Vietnam is Safe and Affordable

The amount of people who send money to Asia is increasing. Nearly 6 million U.S. households send money overseas each year, and the price to do so is more affordable as a result. But when it comes time to send money to Vietnam, many questions can arise such as: What is the best and most affordable way to get money to my loved-ones? What money remittance companies I can trust? Which companies have the strongest security measures in place to protect me?

Continue reading Best Options for Sending Money to Vietnam

Honduras: An Affordable Country to Send Money To

Money Remittance in Honduras

Here’s a key fact you should know before calculating your budget, particularly if you plan to send money overseas. Believe it or not, some countries charge you upwards of 20% or more of the total value of money remittance when sending amounts abroad. Other countries, like Honduras, enjoy some of the lowest rates of any land. You can send money from the United States to Honduras for as little as 2-3% of the total amount. Continue reading Honduras: An Affordable Country to Send Money To

How to Transfer Money Securely

Money Remittance Safety Tips

To prevent fraud when sending money, you need to be diligent and use secure networks. Online money transfers are generally affordable and fast, but they’re not always secure. In fact, the explosion of the remittance industry has been something of a double-edged sword for customers. On one hand, the proliferation of new technologies and remittance support services are making it easier for people to support friends and family back home. On the other hand, the success of the industry has attracted some less than ethical companies. Continue reading How to Transfer Money Securely