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What Are the Top Countries Receiving Remittances?

Growing Demand for Sending Money Overseas from the US

Sending money overseas to developing nations has become more common in recent years. As the world becomes globalized, people are able to communicate with others in distant countries within the matter of seconds. This has made international exchange more common that ever, and immigrants from developing nations have flown to the US where the job market is stronger and rate of pay higher. Continue reading What Are the Top Countries Receiving Remittances?

Tips for Saving More of Your Money

Saving Money Lets you Send Money Remittance to Family in Need

The advantages of saving money are manifold. Whether it’s being prepared for an unexpected emergency, having the funds to repair a car, enjoying the freedom to go on a vacation, or sending money online to loved ones more frequently, everyone can benefit from the security of a financial emergency fund or “nest egg.” So how do we get into the habit of saving, especially when we feel like it’s nearly impossible to do? Continue reading Tips for Saving More of Your Money

India Tops Remittance Charts, Again

Money Remittance to India Continues to Soar

Anyone who wants to send money to India today is in for a treat – given the state of the economy as of May 2015, you can enjoy some of the best rates in the remittance industry. India topped the charts for the amount sent in remittances during 2014 with a total of $70.39 billion in transfers. China came in second with $54.14 billion, and the Philippines came in third with a much lower amount of $28.40 billion. Continue reading India Tops Remittance Charts, Again