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We’ve Gone Mobile! Download the Lucky Money App Today

Lowest Rates to Transfer Money to 15 Countries

Lucky Money has been a safe, inexpensive way to transfer money to over 15 countries since 1992, and our new app makes the process easier. These Android and Apple apps provide a convenient, safe way to send money online. Continue reading We’ve Gone Mobile! Download the Lucky Money App Today

Harriet Tubman Isn’t the Only New Woman to Grace U.S. Currency

Money Transferring Will  Welcome New Faces to the U.S. Dollar

When you’re money transferring, the most important question on your mind is “how can I send money?” You’ll look at the dollar amount you’re sending, but rarely take a second glance at the picture on the currency. This could be because you’re not familiar with the people featured on U.S. dollars, that you’ve seen the pictures too many times for it to impress you, or simply because you never cared to look. Whatever the reasoning, now is a good time to start paying more attention to your money. Continue reading Harriet Tubman Isn’t the Only New Woman to Grace U.S. Currency

Global Money Remittance Goes Mobile: Send Money in Minutes!

Transferring Money Via Mobile

If you’ve ever wondered how to send money to Mexico safely and effortlessly, you might have found yourself overwhelmed by potential options. What services are truly safe? Which ones are efficient and trustworthy? Continue reading Global Money Remittance Goes Mobile: Send Money in Minutes!

The Advantages of Sending Money Online

Remittance Services In The Digital Age

Perhaps you recently moved to the United States and you need to facilitate a safe money transfer online to put cash into the hands of relatives back home. Or maybe you’re investigating ways to send money remittance to the Philippines, Vietnam or Mexico. In any case, you’d like insight into the process. Here are five reasons why people opt for sending money online. Continue reading The Advantages of Sending Money Online

Remittance On Rise In Mexico

Sending Money To Mexico Has Positive Outcome

Aside from oil, remittances (money transferred to Mexico from other countries) are the largest contributor to the country’s foreign income. Recent studies showed that an influx of remittances seem to correlate with a drop in homicide rates. Thus, reports indicating remittances are on the rise offer a glimmer of hope for Mexicans faced with brutal violence. Continue reading Remittance On Rise In Mexico

Vietnam Money Remittance

Money Transferring Increases In Vietnam

Money transfers can help families and businesses separated by thousands of miles to stay financially connected. Both businesses and individuals can benefit from the remittance process — the primary way to send money to other countries outside the United States. Lucky Money provides money transfers to India and other countries in Asia, such as Vietnam. We recently read a report that revealed that the Vietnam remittance industry is expected to reach $5 billion in 2014. That’s an increase of about $1 billion from last year! Continue reading Vietnam Money Remittance

The Top Countries Sending Money Remittance to India

India Receives Highest Amount Of Money Transfers

Remittances have become an incredibly popular practice in recent decades; they’ve even had a profound affect on global migration patterns. International migrants sent $529 billion in remittances in 2012, and India received more money in remittances than any other country on Earth; India reported an astonishing $70 billion in money transfers in India. While the Indian rupee is getting weaker, money entering the economy in the form of remittances from around the world enables India’s economic strength and power. Continue reading The Top Countries Sending Money Remittance to India

Enhanced Exchange Rate

Refer your friends to Lucky Money and get enhanced exchange rate on every transaction you send.
The more money your friends send, the better your exchange rate will be.

Reward Level Increase on Exchange Rate Aggregate Transfers by
Qualified Referrals
Cap on Transfers at the
Increased Exchange Rate
Gold +.10 bonus $10K-$14,999.99 $10,000.00
Silver +.05 bonus $15K-$24,999.99 $15,000.00
Bronze +.03 bonus $25K- over $25,000.00

Example: All of your referrals have sent money this year totaling $17,500. This means your reward rank is Silver level. You will receive +.05 increase on exchange rate to the current exchange rate. You can send up to the Silver Cap on Transfers at the +.05 increased exchange rate.

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