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Money Remittance Increases With California Minimum Wage Boost To $15

Minimum Wage Increase Means You Can Send Money to Mexico More Often

Some Mexicans have migrated to California in order to find better job opportunities. They often send money to Mexico to assist friends and family members back home. Unfortunately, along with better job opportunities comes a higher cost of living. Immigrants can be shocked to see how expensive California living is. If you’re working a minimum wage job, the pain of high living expense is even more burdensome. Now, there is good news! Recently, a law was tentatively passed that will increase the minimum wage to $15 by the year 2022. Currently at $10, the minimum wage could go up in increments, giving small businesses a chance to adjust. Continue reading Money Remittance Increases With California Minimum Wage Boost To $15

Remittance On Rise In Mexico

Sending Money To Mexico Has Positive Outcome

Aside from oil, remittances (money transferred to Mexico from other countries) are the largest contributor to the country’s foreign income. Recent studies showed that an influx of remittances seem to correlate with a drop in homicide rates. Thus, reports indicating remittances are on the rise offer a glimmer of hope for Mexicans faced with brutal violence. Continue reading Remittance On Rise In Mexico