Tips for Saving More of Your Money

Saving Money Lets you Send Money Remittance to Family in Need

The advantages of saving money are manifold. Whether it’s being prepared for an unexpected emergency, having the funds to repair a car, enjoying the freedom to go on a vacation, or sending money online to loved ones more frequently, everyone can benefit from the security of a financial emergency fund or “nest egg.” So how do we get into the habit of saving, especially when we feel like it’s nearly impossible to do?

It’s not always about how much money you make, but how well you manage it. There are countless things you can do to help you save money, get started with any of the following and you’ll be setting yourself up for financial security:

Turn Off the Television

What does eliminating television have to do with saving money? More than you think! Without mentioning the astronomically high cost of cable, TV is full of ads that are designed to make you spend more. Just by watching less TV, you won’t be bombarded with as many ads that try and convince you to buy and you’ll be more likely to save.

Become Your Own Salesman

We aren’t saying you need to go start your own business, but the old adage “ one mans junk is another mans treasure” holds a great financial truth. Consider selling unused items on websites like Craiglist or Amazon, and save the money you generate from those sales. For international purchases, you can even consider money remittance to send or receive funds. In some cases, making money is just a click away.

Follow the 30-Day Rule

Impulse can be the biggest enemy to saving. If you see a purchase you really want, instead of buying it right on the spot, wait 30 days before dropping your credit card. Many times the impulse to buy dies after 30 days. Just by following this rule, you could potentially save yourself from purchasing things you’ll never really need or use.

Write a List and Stick to It

Your eyes can start to wonder as soon as you enter a store. Retail stores and business know this and they are crafty about creating subtle messages that encourage you to spend. Instead of getting sucked into a spending frenzy, write a list beforehand of the items you need and stick to it. No matter how you feel, don’t deviate from the list so you can stay within budget. If you see something you feel like you need to have, apply the 30-day rule mentioned above to determine whether or not it’s a worthwhile purchase.

Download a Few Apps

There are many great smartphone apps for saving money here and there. Shop at Target often? Download the Cartwheel app to save on things you’ll buy anyway. Even most grocery stores offer apps that sync with your frequent shopper card, so you can add virtual coupons to your club card and save even more than other club card holders! Just add the coupons you want, and see the savings add up when you swipe your membership card at checkout.

Ready to start saving some money? Follow these tips and you’ll see your bank account grow, and enjoy a new level of security. For example, if you ever want to do a money transfer to India or another foreign country, you’ll be able to help friends and family members who fall on hard times. Your financial health will impact both you and your family.

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